Hi I'm Lauren! Portrait photographer & moment capturer

I love organic smiles, comfy-cozy poses, & genuine laughs

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Fact 1

I was born and raised in Kinsman, Ohio. Graduated from Joseph Badger just like my grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Fact 2

My favorite season is from the beginning of September through mid-November. My favorite holidays are during this time too, as well as our wedding anniversary, and my birthday!

Fact 3

I have been in business since 2008, but I have had a camera in my hand since I was 10. I feel most alive when I am photographing someone!

Fact 4

I will talk your ear off at first, but once my introvert calms down I find myself laughing with my clients like we have known each other forever.

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Meet the artist

That artsy mom photographer. The girl who picked up a camera at 10 and had a photo shoot with her dog. I traveled awkwardly through high school behind a camera, attended photojournalism classes at The Tribune Chronicles, and if you look through any mid-2000’s Joseph Badger High School yearbook you will see a bit of my work. If you know anything about Kinsman, OH then you know that being an art kid made me not one of the cool farm kids haha! I spent much of my time practicing my photography skills by traveling to different areas in North Eastern Ohio with my friends and doing photoshoots. After high school I moved to Austintown and started taking classes at Youngstown State University, then I met my now-husband. He supported me through every up and down of starting a business with no experience. He helped me discover what I was meant to do, capture little moments of time forever. The name might be new, but my photography business has been in the Mahoning Valley since 2008. Photography was and is my escape. Sure, I have other hobbies too (like graphic design, macramé, watercolor painting, and keeping my indoor plants alive), but photography is me. I am at my best when I am crying at a wedding with the parents of the bride and groom during the first dance, or when I am watching little ones grow up year after year during the annual family portrait session, and when I am chatting with a senior about their fantastic dreams of graduation and college! I love organic smiles, comfy-cozy poses, and genuine laughter during sessions! I can’t imagine my life without photography. All of the places I have seen, all the weddings I’ve captured, the hundreds of thousands of photos I’ve taken will live on for generations, and that is the best feeling in the world (other than my little Rosie’s snuggles!)

Let’s capture your little moments in time forever.

Lauren was the hype woman we needed to feel beautiful throughout the day

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